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Giacomo Zavatteri


I am an official Tour guide for Milan district since September of 2005, and in October I got the licence to work also in Varese district. In 2008 I got the licence as a tour leader. In 2011 in collaboration with Antonella Fuga I opened the web agency for high quality cultural services MilanoArte.


During my working experience I had the possibility to show the beauties of my region to hundreds, maybe thousands, of tourists and business men, people from every place of the world and from every social class.


Art and history have always been two of my greatest interests. I choose to study art and I got a degree in Preservation of Cultural Heritage (Conservazione dei Beni Culturali). My thesis was completed under the supervision of Arturo Carlo Quintavalle, one of the greatest expert of medieval art and history.

Milan and Lombardy are rich of many masterpieces of art. I would like to remember the Last Supper painted by Leonardo da Vinci, enlisted into the World Heritage of UNESCO, but there is also a widespread heritage of works of art and historical monuments and sites. Lombardy has always been one of the most important historical region in Europe, a crossroard of cultures. Its population has always been ready to welcome foreign people along with their ideas, this made our region a melting pot of culture unique in the world, real economic and cultural engine of Italy.
Our cultural heritage is not only a joy for the eye but also an important source of knowledge. I strongly believe that the knowledge of our history is mandatory if we would like to build a better future.


Because of my family ties I always been interested in foreign cultures and languages. In particular in English speaking countries. I love to travel so I can understand more easily the needs of a tourist.

For these reasons I consider the possibility to do my job a privilege being able to show art and beauty to people from all over the world and from different cultures.









Giacomo Zavatteri
Via Michele Scherillo 4
20161 Milano Italy
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