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Sforza Castle Milan


In this page you could find many links to different websites.
The first part is dedicated to the city of Milan, you’ll find many curiosities and attractions to enjoy the city during your visit. Every suggestion is guaranteed… by me.
In the second part you’ll find many websites, some related to art, other… to everything else, following my personal preferences, of course.

Let you be surprised and be curious, it is the first tourist’s duty.







In Milan there are not only beautiful museums and monuments.



Photography is one of my favorite form of art, if you think like me I suggest you to visit the Forma Gallery. Here you'll be able to see the works of the master of photography into a very relaxing contest and close to the navigli area.


I love music and when I want to listen some good old Blues or Rock'n roll, this the place for me (website in Italian only):


Need a car in Milan and Italy? Try They have over 40,000 depots worldwide.


San Francisco




Do you got lost in Milan? Do you live in Tokyo and do not know where to go? Here you will find what you were looking for and something more.


Are you wondering a trip on the beautiful lake of Como? I suggest you this nice tour guide:


Italy is an incredible country, you can find incredible masterpieces of art even in the smallest village. Vigevano is one of these small cities really worth a trip and it is just a few kilometers from Milan. Visit its monuments with Claudia Bellone.


Fondo per l'Ambiente Italiano (FAI) an association with the will to protect, preserve and valorise the Italian artistic and environmental heritage:


You are in San Francisco and would you like to listen some nice live music? This place is recommended not only by me but also by Rolling Stone magazine:


Would you like to visit the area of Lombardy located South of the Po river? This is a nice Hotel with a good restaurant: Park Hotel Salice Terme.


Do you like the ancient art of Circus? (Italian only website, but the guy can speak English, feel free to contact him)


A place where dreams come true :

Studio Ghibli






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