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I started to work as a professional translator in September 2004, when I started my collaboration with Dragotti & Associati, an Italian patent and trademark firm dealing with all the questions relating to industrial property.
Up to now my collaboration produced over 4000 Word pages from hundreds of European and International patents and patent applications.
I’m talking about patents and patent applications in chemistry, pharmaceutical, mechanics / mech engineering, with a preeminence of plastic and ceramic materials and metal handling.


From July 2005, even though I continued my collaboration with Dragotti & Associati, I had been involved in an important project with Air Liquide Italia, my task was to translate the entire documents related to safety procedures (plant building and maintenance, safety procedures, personnel safety procedures, materials handling procedures, means of transport maintenance, gas handling, etc.). After my VAT opening, February 2006, I continued to collaborate until the conclusion of the project in May 2006.

In this period my work experience has enriched thanks to profitable collaborations with important companies, in new fields of expertise (administrative, commercial law and legal, translating experiences, etc.)

Giacomo Zavatteri
Corso di Porta Romana 107
20122 Milano Italy
Phone +393383905549
VAT n. 02249090024